Ms GigglePants is a beautiful explosion of destiny meets danishes, the nap before that thing you’ve really been putting off doing, and fun to have along on a road trip (unless she is seasick. Then, not so much). All shall love her and despair.

***I’d like to apologize for so many of the posts being protected; I’m going through a bit of a rough patch and am trying to keep some of it quiet at the moment. If you’re interested in the password, fill in the “Contact The Gigglepants” form and I’ll send you and email. Thanks!***

(OK. That’s not enough to say, and I loathe writing in 3rd person, so I’m switching it up – I know it’s poor construction or something, but I AM THE KING OF THIS DUNGHILL. {snort} Shhh. “I love to read and nap, not necessarily in that order. Other hobbies include: work; respiration; and paying enough bills to keep the lights and internet on. The nickname “Little Miss Gigglepants” was given to me many years ago because I’m a bubbly person. It is not ironic. Be warned.”   Although if you’ve read my recent posts, am a bit emo right now. Hoping THAT passes. Quickly.)


Tolkien nut since forever (my first LotR set were the Ballantine 2nd editions, and I still have them, 2 sets  – also 2 copies of the Silmarillion, so um no, I didn’t date much in high school WHY DO YOU ASK?) Have way too much stuff to list. Just, I’m stopping myself before I can start. :}

Carl Sagan was my second Geek Crush after Aragorn, son of Arathorn. That man rocked a turtleneck like NO OTHER. Even before the age of 10, I wanted to have beautiful (ok, not very attractive but *very* ecologically conscious and super-smart) bebbies with him. For real. Sigh.

Guy Gavriel Kay – his themes of redemption, nostalgia, and loss never fail to get me. Tigana, Song for Arbonne, Lions of Al-Rassan are my all-time faves.

I read a lot of Regency and Gothic romances. If you don’t fancy a man in skintight breeches and a cravat that covers *but cannot hide* a smouldering heart FULL OF PASSION &c &c, then, well… really? Because dude. That is hot.

Recently stumbled onto the work of Richard Armitage via North & South and am a bit gobsmacked by him. Am trying to think of how to describe the sensation and can only say it was like drinking a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster (having brains smashed out by lemon slice wrapped ’round large gold brick). I still don’t know what hit me. Fortunately, I don’t care. 😉

* Star Trek (all of ’em)
* Doctor Who (Tom Baker’s my fave but I’m suggestible)
*BSG (the new, but I did pretend our jungle gym was a battlestar when I was a kid and run around the backyard making “pewpewpew” noises.
*Game Of Thrones (just the shows, I’ve never read the books. I KNOW. I SUCK. I figure I muscled it through the entire steaming pile of crap that was the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever (all 8,000 of them), so you have to give me a pass on not having read a multi-volume series that was actually good. So there. pbfbfbfbfbfbt)
* STAR BLAZERS, the animated series from the 70s/80s. Aw yayuh. I can still sing the whole theme song (ok, kind of, if you don’t care if the words are right). — What’s that? We’re getting fired on? OH NO LET’S HAVE THE ONLY GIRL’S COSTUME RIP OFF. JUST OFF OF HER BOOBS, THOUGH. Snort. Still. It was awesome.
* Potter, of course. I’m going to admit right off the bat that I was a serious Snape shipper, so snark Snape stealthily. (smirk) Obviously, this has certain tie-ins to my feelings about Guy of Gisbourne. (Didn’t often ship Canon!Snape, though. I love a post-war, subtle, and emotionally recovered Snape who likes good wine and banters like a demon [shags like one too]) If you need exhibits, I will gladly send you to my favorite authors.
* Um. Oh crap. I know I’m missing something important. This list will definitely need updates.

Ta-da!! If you made it through that, you clearly have patience and an ability to untangle abstruse sentences. Well done, you!


15 thoughts on “About

    • Agreed on Tom, never quite caught the knack of Colin B. Peter Davison was probably my second fave, but I plead insanity as I was a teen and had a crush on him at the time. :}

      Best ST captain or commander? This will be controversial. Of course I loved the kitsch of Kirk. He’s the classic. Picard is always a beloved favorite as well. BUT my all time fave for butt-kicking would have to be The Sisko, especially after he shaved his head. He and Jadzia Dax were such a great combination, and I loved the Cardassians. They were so… spiky. And crunchy. I liked Janeway a lot, but got bored with… blah… whatever the show was called. lol See? What about you?

      • You and I are of a like mind. You had a crush on Davidson and mine was on the Tom Baker’s Romana, naturally… This was late grade school, early high school for me.

        About Trek commanders, Kirk, hands down. He made the role, made the series in my mind. I will give props to Picard (Patrick Stewart is extremely talented) and Sisko was solid. Janeway (Voyager) had her moments too, but I was never big on Scott Bakula as Cptn Archer in Enterprise.

        How about favorite episodes? For the original series, I’d have to go with Mirror, Mirror, Arena, Balance of Terror, Space Seed, Doomsday Machine. For TNG, anything with the Borg and/or Q was great. Best of Both Worlds has to rank as my favorite, though there are many good choices.

        What I like best about the concept of Star Trek is Roddenberry’s vision of the future – one in which all races work in harmony (at least for the Federation), a radical notion in the late 60’s. He deserves a lot of credit for taking that risk.

        How are you otherwise? Good day, bad day? Hanging in there? Your situation and mine mirror each other somewhat. I too, am going through a divorce – #2 in my case. Only mine is anything but congenial…



        • Favorite episodes?! You are sooo much more organized than I am. I’d have to say, the one with “Teach me what’s a kiss” and “I’ll put 500 quatloos on the newcomer”… also the one where the aliens are basically giant Greek god people, and contains the first inter-racial kiss (Spock/Uhura but squicky circumstances), oh, and Mudd’s women, and jeez, just a million others. Any episode in any ST series where there is a pleasure planet on which the people are dressed in tinfoil diapers. That gets me every time. 😀 And if #2 (darnit, can’t remember his name tonight) on TNG NEVER EVER EVER plays the trombone again EVER, I would be ecstatic.

          Favorite Dr. Whos? I agree with you about Romana. She was AWESOME. I loved the Ark in Space because its alien was terrible; pretty much any episode where the Dr. regenerates; any episode where the aliens are just people dressed in turtlenecks with big necklaces; anything with the Cybermen because JUST YES; anything not containing Daleks because they were so feeble (want to defeat them? Run into a building without a wheelchair ramp. No, they really can’t fly. They’re big knobby cans with plungers. lolololol I’m SUCH a cynic.) and I hated their voices. Ugh.

        • Sorry, I was pooped when typing my reply and lost the thread. :} It’s been mostly good days so far. I’ve been really working to make the marriage happen for about 6 years now, so as it’s falling apart for good, I have the consolation of really having tried, and really having thought it through. So I’m kind of “there” already, and yes – it’s very congenial so far.

          Sorry to hear yours isn’t! That is miserable. 😦 Hope you are doing ok and getting through.

  1. Are you talking about #1 Commander William Thomas Riker, played by Jonathan Frakes? OMG!!! Jon would drool over Deanna Troy and I would slurp up Riker. When I lived in Chico, CA in the 70s my wallpaper in the bedroom was the entire schematics of the Starship Enterprise. I think that’s why I ended up joining the Navy. I wanted to go where “no man had gone before.” I figured that’s where all the good-looking ones were. They certainly weren’t where I was living.

    • Snort YES! #1. DARN fibromyalgia. I couldn’t remember his name or, apparently, his correct designation. My ex and I used to joke about him being #2 on the trombone. :}

      I dated a guy in high school partially because he had the book with the schematics of all the Federation ships, uniforms, etc. Also, he had Spaceballs memorized. And we played the HH2G text-based game ALMOST all the way to the end before he left me for a French foreign-exchange student and her fatal charms. Tant pis!!

  2. I was best friends with the girl whose family he lived with.We just hit it off. After my sister and brother both got married, I was 15 and my parents left me home alone all the time when they went on trips. At 17 I said, Screw ’em. I’m going to go wild. Anders came over we had a great time in my parent’s room! It lasted until he left 2 years later. Then he married a French woman. My parents thought he was the neatest thing since sliced bread. Didn’t know we were doing the dirty every chance we got. I’m just lucky I didn’t get pregnant. My sister made several attempts at seduction, but he wasn’t any more interested in her than Jon my husband has been when she’s thrown herself at him.

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