Poetry Month, Day 28: Earthquake


Apparently today
Around noon
The earth shook.
I was out walking the dog
Or working in the garden
Or simply being dense
And completely failed to notice
That the stable ground beneath me
Broke free,
Swung for a moment,
And danced like a clogger at a Thursday evening social.
I had to be told by neighbors
Who recounted
How hard the glasses rattled
How they clutched at the stove for balance
How the house trembled.
I passed through it
Of the remaking of the world around me
Our old globe shifting her skin
Like an arthritic dog settling in his blankets.
I wonder, when the tremor was over,
Did she sigh in the same way –
Sigh and then relax again into stillness?
Or is she still poised for another shift
Not quite comfortable yet
Not quite ready for sleep
I have noted before
How I seem to stand aside at most events
Sometimes not feeling the same emotions as everyone else
Sometimes just watching the nuances
And I’m usually the one, as the outsider, telling the story
Painting pictures of my observations.
In this case, I’m the one
Without a story
Because somehow,
I failed to have the experience
My peers were having.
For me, today was just
A normal day.

Copyright ©2015 C. Mitchell


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