Poetry Month, Day 24: Let


Please don’t sit across the table
And say that
You “could never let
Your husband do to you
What my ex did to me”
As though it were a thing I had approved
–As though the murder victim
The murderer
To select the knife.
I was not complicit in anything
Except trying to make my marriage work.
Trying to meet him halfway.
Trying to see him through a difficult time,
Hoping it was a phase that would pass.
When I found out the price
Of complaisance,
I left.
(Can you approve of me now?
But I didn’t do it for you, or for any outside observer.)
Your choices might not be the same as mine
In a particular situation –
But that does not mean
That mine were wrong
Or that I
Through some lack of will
Or of vision
Or of self-respect.
I don’t need or want your contempt
In its mask of concern.
Keep it for yourself
For the day you realize
You’ve let something happen
To you.

Copyright ©2015 C. Mitchell


10 thoughts on “Poetry Month, Day 24: Let

  1. This is why I don’t talk to most people from my former workplace anymore. The judgment. How could you let that happen? Om, dude, if I could have averted it, I would have.

    • Ugh. YES. I hate having to explain myself, when I didn’t do a damn thing wrong except not be proactive “enough” in their minds… but if I were omniscient, the whole course of my life would have been different. DUH. lol Just, so much judgement from friends. The worst thing is, I’m sure I’ve probably been guilty of the same thing myself.

      • honestly, if I were your “friend,” I’d be asking myself, “why I didn’t I do something to support or help her in that situation?” Maybe she feels a little guilty and it’s easier to blame it all on you.

        • Ha! I like your interpretation. And I know that’s true in one case. She feels bad about dropping me like a hot potato and can’t bring herself to speak to me any longer. It has hurt, a lot, but I’m starting to get over it. Over being angry at her. Just, done. :}

  2. Contempt masked as concern

    Is that why I feel like s*** after talking to them? Now I know. Thanks for the heads up!
    A tsunami of emotion in a few little words.

    • Thank you. This exchange has happened with several friends since the divorce (2 years ago!), and it took me until last night (3 weeks after the last time) to realize that was what was happening. Judgemental caring. Thanks but no thanks. Sending you strength and positive energy. ❤

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