Poetry Month, Day 16: Spring Song

Spring Song

The little purple flowers that on the myrtle grow
A-twining ’round the footsteps of the giant tree do go
And moss on bark and moss on roots and branch and twig and bough
All bask in the bright sunlight of  nature’s springtime show

New flowers, bashful, boastful, declare their firm intent
To have an equal portion of the outdoor merriment
The sun’s warm gaze and healing rays they helpfully ferment
Into the wine of beauty, which is tasted sight and scent

The birds in glorious chorus spread their chatter far afield
In hopes that their entreaties bring them wing-borne love revealed
Their nests to line, their eggs to hatch and peeping younglings seal
The contract that is Nature’s own for nurturance and weal.

Copyright ©2015 C. Mitchell


(It’s not often that I write in cheerful homey rhymes, but obviously, it does happen. This kind of wrote itself during a walk the other day. I had to keep repeating it to myself until I could get somewhere to write it down. lol)


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