Poetry Month, Day 9: Iceberg Hug

Iceberg Hug

My body hasn’t forgotten,
Nor has my subconscious
What it was like to be held in that spare, taut embrace
Only my heart has forgotten.

It was like embracing the tip of an iceberg
Only a little here and so much
Somewhere else –
Where his real life happened.

The nervous energy,
Never settled, never satisfied,
That exhausted while it exhilarated
I couldn’t keep up.

These things surface
In my dreams,
Postcards from a place
That no longer exists.

Copyright ©2015 C. Mitchell

Postcards from a place that no longer exists


3 thoughts on “Poetry Month, Day 9: Iceberg Hug

    • Thank you. :} It certainly was for me… maybe it’s true in every relationship; perhaps some people match more in their need/lack of need for connection than he and I did. I don’t know. But it was a constant truth for me.

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