Poetry Month, Day 8: Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal

Empty spaces inside
Where love once lived
Empty spaces in the walls
Where once there were jewels,
Pried out and plundered
By the grasping hands of colonialism
I queue with crowds
To walk past and through
Hearing their careless chatter,
The click of cell phone cameras,
The snapping of bubble gum
But time lies heavy in these places
A sense of self pervades them
And above us, I hear
The clap and flutter of birds’ wings
In the empty cavities of the ceiling
And this sound brings me
An understanding
A glimmer of imagination
Of what once must have been.
Instead of today’s hot, pressed flatness
Once there was music
And the gurgling of water
A cool breeze from the river
And the perfumes of courtiers
I imagine a cool, green space
Filled with sacred silence
And with beauty
And the resonant flight of birds
A place defiant in the face of time
And the alteration that time brings
To all things.

Copyright ©2015 C. Mitchell

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal


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