Poetry Month, Day 1: My Life Is Not

I just discovered that April is NaPoWriMo, National Poetry Writing Month. And 30 poems in 30 days sounds like a good challenge to me. So, with 6 minutes to spare in Day 1, here’s my first effort. The prompt was to describe something by what it is not. Of course, I can’t stick with that strictly, so… well. You’ll see.

My life is not

My life is not
What it once was
What it might have been
What I had believed

My life is not
A random set of chances
Circumstance beyond my understanding
Meaningless babble

My life is not

My life is not

My life is full of
Small plants and pretty rocks
And tiny things that have crept down into the cracks

They nourish there,

And when the time is right, they will stretch
And flourish
And reach for the sun.

Copyright ©2015 C. Mitchell


4 thoughts on “Poetry Month, Day 1: My Life Is Not

    • Hahahahahaha!! Yeah. I took it down because I figured TMI, but I think it might have another chance before this 30 days is up. :} Thank you (tipping hat to you).

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