And you said WHAT again, now?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, for which I apologize… I don’t seem to have as many things to say right now, and I’m just lurking on the blogs I read, for which I also apologize. Usually I have a lot to say, but right now, I’m kind of just coasting and taking things in.

Speaking of which.

I was driving home tonight from a teaching job about an hour away from home, and I saw a billboard I *should* have tried to get a photo of, because I can’t find the image online. But I was busy gaping at it, so I was otherwise occupied. Also with driving (snerk).

It had pictures of hamburgers with increasing portions of beef, and the headline was:

That is not what I read.

At first glance, I read:

Then did a double-take and read it again:

Just had time, as I was beginning to chortle incredulously, to look really hard and see the proper headline, which makes much more sense with the photos.

I mean, if a billboard has the headline “BEEF UP YOUR BUM”, I would expect something more interesting than just *food*. :}


4 thoughts on “And you said WHAT again, now?

  1. Brain in the gutter, LOL. I’m sure it was about encouraging homeless people to go to the gym more often to work out and develop muscles.

    • Brain definitely in the gutter. 😀 But it was McDonald’s or some other burger chain, encouraging you to add more “beef” patties to your burger bun. Thing is, burgers made with stacks of meat and then that round bun on top look kind of phallic, too. So it was a complete assault on my poor gutter-brain. 😉

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