Oh, my god. You’re absolutely killing me.

So this week I finally, *finally* cracked into David Tenant’s tenure as Dr. Who. I know. I know. I’m way behind. But they finally came to Netflix, and I finally have time.

So, just, oh my god. It’s killing me. Just asdfghjkl;idek.

THE FEELS. I am soooooo feeling the feels. I’ve cried so many times since I started watching these… I think I have to revise my former opinion of Tom Baker as my favorite Doctor (loved when the Master offered his companion a Jelly Baby during a recent episode), because David Tennant is simply superlative.

Of course, I haven’t seen some of the other Doctors yet either. Maybe I should hold my options open. 😉


5 thoughts on “Oh, my god. You’re absolutely killing me.

  1. Oh well, you are in for a treat when you get to the Peter Capaldi episodes then.

    You clearly have good taste in Time Lords.

    • lol Thank you!! I can’t wait. I watched three today while doing laundry. And may I just say, the Adiposian babies were super cute? Plus Miss Audrey from “The Paradise” for the win.

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