A Little Fall Of Leaves

Like “A Little Fall Of Snow”, but with leaves. :}

This morning, as I was walking Snaps, I was distracted by a sound like the wings of a bird in a cathedral — a sort of hollow flapping sound — and looked around to see what it was. It was three of the trees across the street, audibly shedding their leaves in the morning frost. This is the first time I’ve ever *heard* a tree (or three) shedding, and it was a really gorgeous moment. I actually added the alley of fallen leaves to our walk, so I could walk through the falling leaves like confetti, the trees throwing a colorful party for the end of Summer.

I tried to take a photo or two to capture the moment: the morning sun slanting through the trunks and laying in diagonal stripes across the crisp and frosty grass, the gorgeous colors of the leaves swirling about me, and the oddly comforting sound of gentle death, as each tree released its grasp on Summer one or two or five leaves at a time. Hopefully the photos catch a little bit of the moment.

What a beautiful thing to witness. And how lovely to be able to appreciate it.



(crossposted from Snaps About Town)


2 thoughts on “A Little Fall Of Leaves

  1. It was a gray and rainy day here, but several times throughout the day, there were moments of “leafing” (my phrase 😉 ) as bursts of brightly colored leaves and yellowing pine needles flew through the air across the backyard or landing on our deck. A wonderfully colorful respite from the dreariness of the day.

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