A Note, To My Future Love (from my personal journal)

I know, it’s been awhile. But I haven’t been away; I’ve been releasing. Relaxing. Unfolding. I stopped writing because I had a crisis of confidence – in myself, in the possibility you would or could love me, in the belief that anyone could.

I was wrong. I am lovable. I am beautiful. I am open to the possibilities, and ready for them.

But with this realization, and the time it took, came another gift: I’m no longer waiting.

I’m living.

When you happen, and you will happen, it will be wonderful. There will be joy, and hope. There will be relief. But until then, my tight-fisted clutch on longing has released, letting the fractured pulse of it slip through my open fingers, onto the floor, leaving my palm empty. A chalice. A Grail. Full only of the energy of my life.

My heart is at peace. ❤ I am whole without you.


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