Solstice (Equinox?) – Whatever!! Divorceiversary!!

Happy Solstice!! And on Saturday, it will be one year since my divorce. Feeling pretty good, coasting right along. Continuing to get feet under me – apparently I have more feet than a centipede. Vaguely surprised I’m still not dating, but they say “give yourself a month for every year of the marriage”, so I’ve still got several months to go by that measure… or if we go by how long the marriage was firm and stable, well, it’s probably about enough now. lol I’m juuuust about ready, I think. Starting to seriously look around, to seriously entertain the idea. To think about kissing again, to remember how fine that was. The firm sweet slide of someone else’s lips against your own… the tremor of anticipation mixed with excitement…

Oh, man. Yeah. That was just fine. I wouldn’t mind another first kiss. :} Or a second. Or a third. 😀

Yup yup.

In any case, this weekend, for my divorceiversary, I’ll be teaching at my biggest ever event to date. Should be amazing. I’m a little nervous, but I’m ready and prepping and hoping to just knock it out of the freaking park, so I can relax and enjoy the weekend for what it is. And note the passage of time, but not dwell on it.

Here’s to the passage of time making this better. :}

UPDATE: Erm… Equinox. I think I meant, “Equinox”. lol I am many kinds of a swot, but astronomy is not one. 😀


3 thoughts on “Solstice (Equinox?) – Whatever!! Divorceiversary!!

  1. Happy solstice! You haven’t mentioned any details about your other “divorce” but I assume the teaching at a bigger event for the first time is a sign of growth in that regard, as well?

  2. lol I just realized I posted “Solstice” and I meant “Equinox”. Thank you for being kind and not laughing at me. :} The “other divorce” didn’t completely go through. There were negotiations and it was postponed. However, I think (as with most of these things) it’s still only a matter of time, as shown by my choice of words. The event on Saturday is singular for a variety of reasons, but it’s a big moment in my life, and I’m hoping to enjoy it properly. In a year that’s been crammed with very special events, it’s Really Really Special. :} There have been several of those this year, and I hope I’m doing ’em all justice.

    • I vaguely know those things (Easter is the first Sunday after the first full moon of the vernal equinox, if I remember correctly from confirmation classes) but now that you point it out I am def going to make fun of you. Thanks for the update re: the other thing. And best wishes for the weekend!!!

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