Round Three of the Middle Earth March Madness, 2014 Edition

Round Three is open in this contest, and I had this random thought today, which I had to share. All apologies to fans of Thranduil. I *am* a fan of Thranduil, and Movie!Thranduil ROCKS ASS. He is one of the best best BESTEST things about the Hobbit movies. For reals. 


In the matchup of Galadriel versus Thranduil, my brain immediately popped out: “Galadriel versus Thranduil? She would smack him down LIKE A BITCH.” Because I’m sorry, amazing warrior or no, Galadriel is Galadriel. And that is just that.

(This, of course, leaves aside the whole question of “would she?” — which is why I don’t think Gandalf *would* actually defeat Luthien Tinuviel, even in a March Madness bracket. I think he would simply walk into the arena, look at her, and bow for the coup de grâce. He is an amazing character, but part of what makes him amazing is his capacity to choose his fight, and I think he would choose a noble defeat. ❤ )

Cough. Anyway. There ya go. 


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