Nothing To Do With Anything, Really

…Except that this came up in someone else’s blog comments and for some reason I feel compelled to share it. In hopes that you’ll have a laugh, as I did, I suppose. :}

I was just thinking I’d like to see Richard Armitage do a movie where he gets on a trampoline.

OK, no, hear me out. It’s not about the bits and bobs, because – as a wielder of large bosoms (and I accidentally typed that as “bisons”, so bwahahahahahahaahha oops) THAT HURTS, so SAFETY HARNESSES, people – but he seems to be a gentle and occasionally lighthearted fellow in real life. Serious and intent when it comes to work, yes; but capable of great humor and charm. Wonderful laugh we’d all like to see more of.

Also, he’s rangy and gorgeous. Well-coordinated. He’s sex on a stick. It’s just the truth.

Last but not least, he has a penchant for playing characters in grim situations, or if he plays lovers, there tends to be a dark side. That dark side, man. Except!!!! Except for Lovely Lovely Harry Kennedy, the character I would probably most want to fall into bed with (and possibly take for a walk like Geraldine, sigh and swoon and also lol).

Imagine Harry Kennedy (OK, you can put him in a barely-there bikini if you *must*, I’ll have him in whatever Harry would prefer wearing… secretly hoping he’s just rolled out of my bed and put on flannel pj bottoms, personally) jumping on a trampoline. Again, since this is my script, he’s so happy with the fantastic shag(s) that he had to express his joy, and the trampoline just happened to be there.

Oh well. Since Harry doesn’t seem to be coming back (domestic bliss forbids, we assume), Thorin seems only slightly more likely to jump on a trampoline than the Balrog (oooooh, imagine that, Flame of Udun! – Suddenly I’m having a Legend/Two Towers slash moment: “Hot Hornéd Beasts On Trampolines, Vol. 1”? Um…sorry) and John Porter…

OMG sorry. John Porter jumping on a trampoline was pure porn. I got stuck there for a minute. But that’s not gonna happen for terrible and horrible and character-related reasons.  (Still angry/sad about.)

Anyhoo. I have no coherent point in this post except to invite you to imagine the many characters of Richard Armitage jumping on trampolines. (Heinz Kruger gigglesnort)

And now I suppose I truly must go work on my taxes. UGH.

(boing … boing … boing … Harry, could you come help me with these taxes, dear? Or at least sit here with me while I do them? — Or at least move the trampoline in front of the window? … oh yes. Thank you, sweetheart.)

Imagination is a wonderful thing. 😉


11 thoughts on “Nothing To Do With Anything, Really

  1. LOL. I literally laughed out loud at this. What a wonderful idea. And you haven’t even explored them all. What about John Standring – all careful and a bit awkward. Mr Thornton? No way, far too level-headed for frivolities like that. Claude Monet, now – yes, he’d see it as a way of learning something about perspective. And himself.
    Ah, you’ve made me laugh, what a gift. Hope the gift comes back to you 🙂

    • I thought about JStandring. Love him!! Yes, he’d be so careful. Probably pick his lip a little, study all the angles, bounce a few times, then mutter something about how it’s time to do something sheep-related and off he’d go, blushing. (swoon) He’s delicious.

    • snort – you’re right! Percy might, if a chorus girl were sitting on his lap. Ouch!!

      …What about Gizzy? And what a lovely thought, a tumble with Gisborne on a bouncy surface. On almost any surface… Mmmmmm. Tumbled Gisborne.

  2. oh imagination…..yumm……I love being in my world..because everything is beautiful and Richard and/or one of his many delicious incarnations is always there…… now if you’ll excuse me Harry is calling…..

  3. Harry on a trampoline … sounds like fodder for a fanfic. 😉
    Thanks for the laugh, sweetie! And the mental images that will stay with me all day. Mmmmmm …

    You know who wouldn’t think twice about jumping right in … Lee Preston, flirty girty lifeguard and aquatics instructor. And wearing that darling little Speedo, too … *giggle*

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