I just want to watch Richard Armitage act. That’s it. Oh, and an accidental “I Saw Something Fine”.

So, I’m going to just put this out there. Tonight, I am seriously jealous of the people hunkered down in NYC watching Mr. Armitage do what he does best (although I don’t know, maybe he makes an INSANE pico de gallo, but, you know, this is what I know about). And it’s not because they’re in The Presence, or might get to smell his manly pheremones, or comment on his shoes, or whatever. Or eat his pico de gallo (and no, I’m not euphemizing although I suppose I could be but no I really don’t think I am *concentrate* please!! lol).

I’m jealous because OH OK, this is going to be an “I saw something fine” post after all, isn’t it? And now I’m laughing because that is simply how today has been. I start out to do A but then I end up with a handful of Q instead (and please, Star Trek TNG fans, no jokes about a handful of Q). But I’m sorry. This is really disorganized. Let’s start over, and properly… or at least more properly. (ahem)


For those of you who don’t know, I saw something fine for the first time – specifically, Richard Armitage – in North and South while laid up on the couch with broken ribs in January of last year.

Good gravy god. It was last week of last year.

It was probably about seven days ago last year… because I saw the Hobbit for the first time Jan 14 2013, I think, and I saw that a few days after my first exposure to North and South.

Well. I guess this is also my “I Saw Something Fine One Year Ago Last Week” post. !!!

In any case, I saw Richard a year ago last week while I was out of my damn mind on Percocet and bewildered with pain. He charmed and disarmed me, and talked me into going to see the Hobbit despite the fact that I couldn’t actually sit up properly for three hours at a stretch yet. :} The ribs were not ready, but I made it work. I took a pillow into the theatre with my nose high in the air, like, “what? Did you guys forget to bring your pillows?” He provided me with many forms of solace, both aesthetic and emotional. As time wore on, he gave me an artistic and personal ideal to which I could aspire as I negotiated the gradual dissolution of my marriage, and tried to figure out what that would mean to my career as a dancer. 

In 2013, I was thrilled to watch his “older” performances and interviews, and The Hobbit AUJ press appearances. This year, I was slightly less thrilled by TH: DoS and the press junket (although immeasurably pleased to see his increasing comfort in interview situations). I even drove to NYC to see him at the fan event in November, and was very glad to have done so, although there was less of him than I’d like. (tongue tucked firmly in cheek: there’s always less of him than I’d like, somehow)

Forward to today, with its crummy wolf moon energy and a combination of many unfortunate events that culminated in me dissolving into tears at the bank – which is utterly unlike me – and when I got home, I needed a break. Just a break for one damn minute where something wasn’t going wrong. So I flipped open my computer and prepared to let one of my favorite Happy Richard interviews take me away and…

…thought: you know, I just want something new. Is that ungracious of me?

I just want to watch him act. I want to watch him do what he loves, what makes him happy. What he does well. What he does best. I don’t want to watch him be a talking head any longer, or not only that.

I want to watch him do what inspired me. What moved me. I want him to recreate the magic.

And could he please, please, please, for once, PLEASE not die, or not have the girl be in love with someone who commits suicide, or not be an ass who commits adultery, could he PLEASE JUST NOT DO THAT because I just got a divorce about that, so yeah NO let’s not, and then if he could actually play something where he’s a character who’s reasonably fulfilled and gets “the girl”? Or even just adopts a dog or maybe buys a pony for a kid who wants a pony? I don’t care.

(taking a deep breath) I know it’s a lot to ask. And OK, yes, that last paragraph is ALL about me.

But please, Richard Armitage, could you please act in something again? – I know you want to do theater, and I get that. I get it. But if you do theater in New York, only a couple hundred people a night can come and see you, and only if they live within reasonable distance or means of NYC and really I just can’t right now. So if you could find it in your heart to do something on a non-perishable medium, something new, that would be great.**

And don’t die in it.

And buy a kid a pony.

Ok, I’m kidding on that last one.


**NOTE: Dark Skies doesn’t really count because 1) it’s already in the can, so you’re not doing anything new on it; and 2) it doesn’t come out for ages yet, so TABA will almost be here; and 3) we have NO guarantee you’re not going to die in it, young man. You’ve shown a distinct interest in parts that kill you, maim you or those around you, and that will not fit the bill as per this rather bossy request. So as far as I’m concerned, Dark Skies is right out, unless it’s the surprise musical comedy hit of the autumn. With found footage of tornadoes. No? And no pony? Well, then. (nodding)

Thank you.


4 thoughts on “I just want to watch Richard Armitage act. That’s it. Oh, and an accidental “I Saw Something Fine”.

  1. Not sure if it is entirely appropriate to say that I had to laugh when reading your post – well, I laughed about the hilarious way you phrased it all, and not about the things that make you cry! But anyway, I am behind you on this demand – Something non-dying for RA, please, something fine. And something on international TV. Yes. Where can I sign that petition?

    • Actually, I’ve watched him in series 7 and 8, but I haven’t watched 9 yet. I’m not sure I’m up for the twists and turns. :} I know he’s going to break my heart. It’s the same reason I haven’t sat down with “Strike Back” yet. Still too fragile for Porter after the year I’ve had. lol

      • Yeah, Richard got me hooked on to Spooks….let’s just say Moffat and Thompson weren’t the only ones to …….*oops* Spoilers!

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