Bobbing up again

Well… I have not perished trying to keep up with the seniors in my parents’ community. I did, however, give myself a minor arm injury by knitting 5 scarves in 6 days, so now I’m cut off… no more knitting for me. Boo. :}

We’ve shopped, celebrated holidays, visited friends, taken lots of golf cart rides to view the Christmas lights, cooked lots of good food, and I’ve had some time for reading. I baked gluten-free pound cake muffins today, and they’re delicious! There are treats in the pantry and my sister is due to arrive tonight with her friend. 

I still have 12 days of  vacation left in the sun, and I intend to enjoy them wholeheartedly. But the best thing of all will be when I get home and can see my little buddy again, give him scratches on his belly, and feel his little stout heart beating under my hand. 


My sweet little boy. I miss him and can’t wait to pick him up from my brother’s house, where he’s vacationing. :} 


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