So I was thinking while chatting with Morrighan in the comments of her follow-up to her review – lord, we’re all reviewing and following-up; in terms of buzz, you have to credit this movie as a success. We can’t stop deciding whether we hate it or are just irritated by it, or if we think it’s the best thing since the Orcrist-shaped lembas-slicer.

Yes, I’m pretty sure that *was* a hot gift item back in the Elder Days in Gondolin for the Elf who had everything. But I digress.

So it occurred to me. The thing that has me, and a lot of other LotR fanatics up in arms, is the way PJ’s “departed from” source material to make room for changes and additions.

Even if you hate it, every cloud has a silver lining, and I think we may have stumbled onto the great good possible in this case!! If the source material is outmoded and boring and what we need are heroes, action figures, and redemption stories — well, heck! No-one’s more absolutely made-to-order than our King Under The Mountain himself, Thorin Oakenshield!!

So I think an absolutely FABulous idea would be to make one more change – and this one, very much in keeping with Tolkien’s ideas about renouncing greed and embracing the simple pleasures.


Take Thorin’s deathbed line: “If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.” and make it his statement of redemption – just like when he gives Bilbo that big ol’ hug at the end of AUJ. And you know, you can have Gandalf revive him, like you did in movie one. It worked once, why wouldn’t it work again? Come on!

Think of the Christmas joy! Think of the happy tears! Think of the Oscars.

So, For Your Consideration: Let Thorin live.



Image copyright Warner Bros., manip. Dark Jackal, text mine 🙂
…and you might spare Fili and Kili too. Fili’s the heir and Kili, well; the boy has game. “She walks in starlight, somewhere far away from me…” or something like that, I don’t know, I was swooning. It’s almost Shakespeare. Between the three of these lads, we’ll have the Line of Durin repopulated in no time. Whew! Is it hot in here? Oh yeah. SAVE THORIN.


29 thoughts on “SAVE THORIN!

    • lol IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES. Maybe we could go back and make JFK not get shot!! This is getting more and more interesting all the time.

  1. As much as we know about what PJ & co actually have done Thorin and the boys make not even die in the movie as it is. 😉

    • I would have considered that sacrilege a week ago, but now I’m secretly hoping for the toy surprise inside that box of Crackerjacks. 😉 If we’re going to change it, well, heck!! Let’s end it on a high note, like Return of the Jedi. Bring back everybody who died in the other movies as well – we can have Theoden by the Balrog, all glowy and smiling, standing off to the side like Qui-Gon with a redeemed Darth Vader I mean Anakin Skywalker. lol

      Sorry. I got carried away. I think I had too much sugar on my cereal this morning. (ahem)

  2. Yes, “Save Thorin!”. Love it. Oh, I can see many a Tolkienite purist vibrating in their boots over this. (But you know what you can say to those who can’t take a joke?) I’m sure many can. But still…Save Thorin! 😉

    I might certainly be tempted to buy an “Orcrist-shaped lembas-slicer” (Slices, dices and literally lasts forever). As joke Christmas gifts go, something tells me a Dwarf might consider that as practical as the “Dwalin Chia Pet” (Mohawk), the “Bifur-Stuck Fish Plaque” (Only says “Khuzd belkul!”) or maybe even the “Kili Pet Rune Rock.” (Reads “I Love You” in Khuzdul…among other things)

    Now I haven’t taken marketing, but I’d make a go of it. What say you?

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