Please don’t be frustrated

…if you post a glowing review of DoS and I respond saying I enjoyed your review. It doesn’t mean I’m changing my mind about the things that bugged me. But one of the things that drove Ex crazy about me is that I can usually see just about everybody’s side in an argument conversation. So if you think it’s the best thing since sliced bread, I’ll be happy that you’re happy, and I did *love* some parts. If you wanted to put a torch to your handmade Gandalf cloak, I’ll urge you not to, but agree that I think some things were poorly done. 

I’m a little frustrating that way. Sorry. :}  It doesn’t mean that I recant my rant – NO WAY. I stand by that sucker. Just that I think your opinion is hunky-dory, I’m glad you posted it because I love hearing diverse views, and I can probably agree with at least part of it. So, erm, that’s that. 

Hope you’re having a fab night! xo


4 thoughts on “Please don’t be frustrated

    • lol If your friendships are worth anything, they’ll survive. Unless, of course, you’re panning my reviews. Because as we all know, I am (like Richard) Never Wrong. (shaking head) I am Always Right.

      😉 Sorry to hear you’ve had trouble. I haven’t really, but I think people kind of expect me to be a bit of a flake. Not too complimentary, but there it is.

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