GF Cooking for One: THE MOVIE

Ok, not “The Movie”. But it sounded more exciting (and also more concise) than, “hey, I decided to start the actual blog because it occurred to me that it’ll help me keep my own recipes organized, so if you want to check it out, it’s over here”. 


Paula Dean it ain’t. It’s much more likely to resemble My Drunk Kitchen, and the tagline I’m considering is “almost GUARANTEED TO CONTAIN 1000% MORE UNICORN SPRINKLES THAN THE LEADING COOKING BLOGS”, although that is currently under discussion with my agent. 

When I get an agent. 

(headdesk) This is why I don’t have a job. lololol But I do have a lap full of warm snoring dog and am watching “Cranford” on YouTube right now and those are some pretty amazing things. 😀

So let’s move on to Cranford. Is there anyone here who’s seen this? BECAUSE OH MY GOD. It was written by Elizabeth Gaskell and made into a miniseries and it is !!!! DELICIOUS! I’m only about 15 minutes into the first episode and I’m in lurrrrve. Ok. Heading back now. 

Any thoughts on the food blog thing would be appreciated. 


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