Gluten-Free Cooking For One

I’m beginning to think I should start a blog called gluten-free cooking for one, in which I share my (admittedly not very precise) ideas about how to inexpensively and creatively cook gluten-free meals for one person. Because I am eating well. :} 

For example: This week I had breakfast (eggs & homemade hash browns) for dinner, and then used the leftover hash-brown potatoes to make dumplings, which I then dropped into homemade chicken soup. I’d made the homemade soup from homemade chicken broth (and I froze about three containers of that for later and gave one away as a thank-you to my dog-sitter), which I’d made from a rotisserie chicken from Sam’s Club, which cost me $4.89. 

Mom and dad showed me how to get a big $15 slab of pork and cut it up into about 10 pork chops, a roast, and a big bag of soup pieces, and then we put all of that in the freezer at Thanksgiving time. Each chop subsequently costs me about $1 (super cheap!), and I’m taking them out 2 at a time and cooking them. So far I’ve had 2 wiener schnitzel chops (yum!), and tonight I made a stuffed pork chop filled with caramelized onions, diced apple, and ginger cookie crumbs.

It Did Not Suck.

I’m not saying I’m a great cook; but I hear all the time from people that it’s too hard to cook for one, that it’s boring and sad to cook for one, etc… and I have the additional constraint of having to keep it rigorously gluten-free, plus minding my migraine diet. So imagine what regular humans who can actually cook could do with these ideas!!!

What do you think? 


14 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Cooking For One

  1. Note: I’m not spending very much of my time cooking, either… I’m hardly that devoted. I just love to eat. Pretty much the top amount of time I’m willing to spend standing over the counter is about an hour, unless I’m going to end up with a pie or something at the end of it.

    OH! I didn’t even mention the apple crisp I made. For one!! Dude. I think this is what I should do. SEND ME YOUR LONELY CLUELESS GOURMAND WANNA-BES, and I shall teach them to make passably good potato dumplings really quickly.

  2. I have to say I can’t imagine what would make me want to cook for one. I mean, I do, but i find it a chore 🙂 But I’m always happy to read recipes.

    • I just started it, so recipes there will be. They won’t be very coherent or organized, but they’ll be not too difficult and as advertised, for one. :} Also, my cooking blog will probably have 100% more mentions of unicorns than other cooking blogs.

  3. Ginger cookie crumbs is not something I would have thought of for pork chop stuffing. But it sounds absolutely delicious with the apple and caramelized onions. (Everything is good with caramelized onions.)

  4. The Snapmeister would not be pleased to hear “you’re cooking for one.” hee hee hee When Jon was gone to sea, I would fix my meal and put the cat’s dish by my chair on the floor when I was ready to eat. Then I never had to eat alone.

    • Oh, I never eat alone! I always have his earnest little face (and frequently, his snuffling little nose) close by. He sits on the floor by my feet and earnestly DOES NOT BEG. He DOES NOT BEG so hard that it’s almost more distracting than if he begged. He’s such a little love. :}

    • But I love the image of you and the cat, it makes me feel better about some of my more morose meals with “just Snaps”. xoxoxo

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