Another Day

And I accidentally bought the wrong size can of tomatoes, so I made “hot milk soup with the occasional tomato chunk” today. Oops. Well, still, it’s better than nothing. lol I think I’ll buy another can of tomatoes tomorrow and see if I can turn this into actual tomato soup. :} That’s the story of my life right now: turning hot milk into tomato soup, or something. On second thought,  that metaphor sucks. Never mind. (snort)


7 thoughts on “Another Day

    • Oh, it sounds lovely. I’m drooling a little. I tried to improve it yesterday without actually running to the store for more tomatoes, but… no luck. :} I’m going to have to bite the bullet and buy tomatoes, do the blender thing, which I’m trying to avoid as I hate washing the blender.

      On the sunny side, I have a brand new sexy blender, courtesy of mom and dad!! 😀

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