Another Day

And I accidentally bought the wrong size can of tomatoes, so I made “hot milk soup with the occasional tomato chunk” today. Oops. Well, still, it’s better than nothing. lol I think I’ll buy another can of tomatoes tomorrow and see if I can turn this into actual tomato soup. :} That’s the story of my life right now: turning hot milk into tomato soup, or something. On second thought,  that metaphor sucks. Never mind. (snort)


Never too much Armitage

So: many of my fellow Armitage bloggers have been having knicker-dropping moments recently with the upcoming publicity for the Decimation/Desperation/Desecration of Smaug***, and one of them coined the genius word “Armigasm” (see post about this here:

I’m wondering if one might not call the upcoming onslaught of Armitage deliciousness ARMIGEDDON?

–I’m sure someone’s already done this. :}  But I’ll take a moment to feel clever anyway, if you’ll pardon the self-indulgence.

*** An oldie but a goodie. Whot was that movie named again?