Oops, I Got A Dog

So yesterday, this happened.

My husband would never consent to us getting a dog, for a variety of reasons, although I’ve worked at home since 1999 and would have loved one. I’ve wanted one basically my whole life but grew up in a home with too many allergies to have one.

Fast forward to the day I began seriously thinking about divorce… it wasn’t seriously part of my thought process, but you have to know there was a part of my brain thinking, “Ooh! I can get a dog!”

A little more ahead to yesterday, when I went to a “blind date” arranged for me with this dog in need of a home… he was a mutt, at least containing chihuahua and dachshund and possibly others as well, and I WAS NOT going to bring him home. NOT.


Well. Not until I saw him, and played with him, and held him on my lap for a while, and until he melted my heart. So now, oops, I have an accidental dog.

His full name is DJ Raja Snaps, His Highness the Maharaja of Snapistan. Or Snapierville. Or whatever. It changes. lol But his previous name was TJ, so we’re starting there and working our way out. :} Wish me luck!!

More later. But first, the money shot. This is right after his bath, Β when I tried to wash the faint smell of skunk and manure off him. He is now a very sweet and sweet-smelling boy.



Ok. Off to bed!


14 thoughts on “Oops, I Got A Dog

  1. He fits right in with his cousins The High Priestess of Chichen Itza (ChiChi), the Czarina of Baramundie (Bear or Nut), Alexander the Great Interstellar Hitbeast, (Xan) and Jake, the Magick Unsidedown Parrot. (Jake). I am totally with Snapistan. It borders Baramundie.

  2. I promise you that he will do wonders for anything that ails ya! Chloe is (generally in the same breath) Chlo-Chlo, booger, boo-boo, buttwad, and CaitVal. But she is always the love of my life.

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