Last night’s dream

Last night’s dream, and it was a doozy. Stephen Colbert showed up as I was talking to a friend. He stood behind me and jabbed me in the neck with a needle. Then he injected my friend with something from a glowing vial and said, “There! Now my formula is complete!!” (There may have been a villainous laugh. Not certain)

I turned to him and asked, “did you just take blood from me for your formula?” And he said “Yes??” like that was a stupid question, and then took off running. He had a pipe clenched between his teeth, and he was wearing a silk robe, cotton boxer shorts, and a white cotton men’s undershirt (tank top cut, if you care). I chased him for a minute, and then caught his legs to tackle him. Looked up and said, “Dammit, Colbert, you have the perky flanks and buttocks of a Greek god!”

He looked back at me and one of his teeth twinkled as he said, “I know!”

Then I woke myself up, laughing.


(PS: I cross-posted this on Facebook, for those of you who are also friends with me there – sorry about the double posting. But I thought this merited the rerun.)

(PPS: If you don’t know this about me, I am prone to randomly bizarre dreams. It has nothing to do with medications or food, it’s just mah brain. Due to recent sobering events, it’s been awhile since I’ve had a funny dream. About 6am, however, the curse was broken! 😀 Hooray and hallelujah. So here it is. Hope you enjoyed.)


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