To My Unloving Lover (poem)

To My Unloving Lover

If the pale, round whiteness of my limbs
no longer pleases you,
Look on them no longer.

If the give and take of our conversation
is stale and sour to you like old wine,
Withdraw your voice.

If my intrusion into your presence
is a gall and a torment,
Set me free.

Others there are who will
gaze with rapture upon my limbs
listen with hope for my voice
wait with impatience for my arrival
As I wait with impatience and hope for theirs.

Set me free.
I have already set you free,
And perhaps that is why you are angry.

Do you relish your cage?
Fear not.
You built it for yourself, and I cannot take it with me
When I go.


4 thoughts on “To My Unloving Lover (poem)

    • May they be raspberry, and perhaps the kind one might purchase in a secondhand store? I would like to deviate from the Prince song, though, by having white kitten ears on mine. Not very Beatnik, but very me. Ow. 😉

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