A Tolkien Thought for the Day

I was just thinking about how today seems like one big glitch in the Matrix, and how I would take whatever color pill I needed to take to get me to Middle Earth, preferably before the loss of the Entwives… I would love to meet an Entwife. 


Oh. This is another “PS I’m a dork” post. Mwah!


7 thoughts on “A Tolkien Thought for the Day

  1. It’s looks like you might be feeling better today. How did the dance routine go? I watched the Trailer for the nth time today. Can’t get enough of that dwarfish stuff. Didn’t someone write a song about that? I’m making a steampunk necklace and have been bending jumprings all day. My fingers are so sore. I did make a couple of Lonely Mountain Keyrings, but I rang out of Smaugs. Oh gods, I’ve desolated him….

    • I am feeling a bit better today, but lawd lawd have the people in my life been taking it out of me. I hope your fingers become less sore quickly — there are many reasons I don’t make jewelry (one of which is that I suck at it) — but sore fingers is one of the tops. AND DON’T START THAT DESOLATION SMACK TALK AGAIN, PLEASE, LITTLE MISSY. lolololololol

    • Thrusting fist with Ring Of Power into the air- OH POOPLESNACKS I’ve left it in my other pants again, well the Quest is just going to have to turn back. And no, Bofur, a ring made out of chewing gum wrappers will not do. But thanks, and you’re a love for asking. And yes, this does mean we’re Ring-Quest-Going-Steady. (blush) At least, until Gollum steals it, then you’re his boyfriend. Sorry about that.

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