Also, dear biker

To the cyclist I was driving behind on the way to the studio tonight: you noticed, I am sure, that I stayed scrupulously behind you.Yes, it was a mark of courtesy and caring for your well-being. 

However, and this you do not know: after reading a friend’s blog about the trim, athletic hindquarters of bikers the other day, I was also giving long and careful consideration to your exceptionally comely posterior. 

And may I say, Sir — ROWR. That was a lovely set of bongos. I hope to maintain a courteous and hopefully not too creepy driving distance behind you at some time in the not-too-distant future. Adieu!!


14 thoughts on “Also, dear biker

  1. Well, he kept standing up off the saddle to pump… REALLY hard… and oh, gracious. Aliens could have landed off to the side of the road and I would have had no idea. … Lovely wildlife on the drive to work is always a bonus. 😉

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