Cherries and almonds

I am sitting (once again) in my comfortable overstuffed chair, blankets wrapped around my cold feet, and a small bowl of cherries and almonds by my side. I have the sliding door cracked open, despite a chill breeze, and am listening to my neighbors: a small dog is barking, a woman’s high-pitched laughter is farther away, and nearby – oh, nearby, an earnest pair of teenage lovers are making up a quarrel they had last night. I am listening and eating the cherries and almonds as I eavesdrop… first a cherry, tart and delicious, then spit out the pit; then the mellow crunch of an almond.

He wants her back. She is determined not to return. He cheated and is now remorseful. She cannot forgive. He has discarded the other girl! She expresses false regret that now he will be alone, as she is determined. He becomes angry… she triumphant. She overplays her hand – now he is disdainful! She apologizes, he sneers. She begs. He rejects. She weeps! He scorns. She is destroyed as he walks away.

Good lord. I’m glad I’m not a teenager. How exhausting, and all before dinner. Geez. 


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