Richard Armitage reduces me to monosyllabic stuttering AGAIN. I looked at this image and all my brain said was “POW”. Quite clearly, a voice in my brain: “POW”. Which is an improvement over my normal, “buh buh buh” for RA. 😉 Originally a comment on Servetus’ blog (paraphrased):

“I clicked on the link and then and then and then omg and then… (HolyGrailNoise) that black-and-white-kick-in-the-solar-plexus…

I’m just sitting here. I’m sure the look on my face is comical. My eyebrows seem to be wandering around independently. Breath is still very much NOT autonomic or whatever it’s called. I’m having to actually *do* it. In with Gandhi, out with Genghis. Or however you spell it. Good god.”


3 thoughts on “POW

  1. what a day of Richard! And more to come from the Q&A?? I can’t quite keep it together. Was distracted all day at work. Very sad that I had a busy day and couldn’t ogle quite as much as I wanted to. How does he become more attractive all the time??? Look at the expression on his face!!! I just love him, nothing more to say. 😀

    • I know!! I am not certain how he simply maintains this level of ridiculous attractiveness, much less how he manages to become even more startlingly GORGE with each passing year. I am mystified. But I am also grateful. Keep on keeping on, Mr. Armitage. Whew.

      And yes, I love his face in all of these. He looks well-rested and happy, which is how I like my Richards. 😀

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