Little Song I Wrote This Morning

… for a little girl with a hurt foot, and Tweeted to her Big, who was in the waiting room.

I’ll warn you, it’s terrible. But it involves photos of sea otters, so that helps. A bit. Just a bit. :} Here we go. 

An Otterly Terrible Footy Ditty
For A Little Person

By Mr. Otter

“I hope your foot feels better soon, I hope your foot improoooooooves…”



“‘Cause when you stub a toe, it seems / the world no longer mooooooves” (is he otter or cow?)



“So hope this silly ottersong to you will simply PROOOOOOOOOVE” (Ouch, the high note)



“That all the Otter Singers to you gladly send our loooove!!”



And then all the otters waved her goodbye. 




I love Twitter. How much fun is that? lololol OK. Today I’m off to a big Punjabi festival with my mad sister and, apparently, about 40 of her Punjabi friends. Dancing, live Bhangra music, and lots of great food. Bolle bolle!! Embarrassing photos on the way. Mwah!


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