Stuff I Grok

SMOKINSHIELD: The collision of two of my favorite things!


Tolkien nut since forever (my first LotR books were the Ballantine 2nd editions, and I still have them, 2 sets  – also 2 copies of the Silmarillion, so um no, I didn’t date much in high school WHY DO YOU ASK?) Have way too much stuff to list. Just, I’m stopping myself before I can start. :}

Guy Gavriel Kay – his themes of redemption, nostalgia, and loss never fail to get me. Tigana, Song for Arbonne, Lions of Al-Rassan are my all-time faves.

I read a lot of Regency and Gothic romances. If you don’t fancy a man in skintight breeches and a cravat that covers *but cannot hide* a smouldering heart FULL OF PASSION &c &c, then, well… really? Because dude. That is hot.

Recently stumbled onto the work of Richard Armitage via North & South and am a bit gobsmacked by him. Am trying to think of how to describe the sensation and can only say it was like drinking a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster (having brains smashed out by lemon slice wrapped ’round large gold brick). I still don’t know what hit me. Fortunately, I don’t care. 😉

* Star Trek (all of ’em)
* Doctor Who (Tom Baker’s my fave but I’m suggestible)
*BSG (the new, but I did pretend our jungle gym was a battlestar when I was a kid and run around the backyard making “pewpewpew” noises.
*Game Of Thrones (just the shows, I’ve never read the books. I KNOW. I SUCK. I figure I muscled it through the entire steaming pile of crap that was the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever (all 8,000 of them), so you have to give me a pass on not having read a multi-volume series that was actually good. So there. pbfbfbfbfbfbt)
* STAR BLAZERS, the animated series from the 70s/80s. Aw yayuh. I can still sing the whole theme song (ok, kind of, if you don’t care if the words are right). — What’s that? We’re getting fired on? OH NO LET’S HAVE THE ONLY GIRL’S COSTUME RIP OFF. JUST OFF OF HER BOOBS, THOUGH. Snort. Still. It was awesome.
* Potter, of course. I’m going to admit right off the bat that I was a serious Snape shipper, so snark Snape stealthily. (smirk) Obviously, this has certain tie-ins to my feelings about Guy of Gisbourne. (Didn’t often ship Canon!Snape, though. I love a post-war, subtle, and emotionally recovered Snape who likes good wine and banters like a demon [shags like one too]) If you need exhibits, I will gladly send you to my favorite authors.
* Um. Oh crap. I know I’m missing something important. This list will definitely need updates.

Ta-da!! If you made it through that, you clearly have patience and an ability to untangle abstruse sentences. Well done, you!


4 thoughts on “Stuff I Grok

  1. I LOVE you!! 😀 YES! I GROK them too! Except Star Blazers. Don’t know them. By any chance, Buffy? I was late to the game with Buffy, but Spike was delish!! I made it through GoT books, but understand reluctance.

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