Sitting in my big green overstuffed chair eating caramel corn and listening to an early Spring thunderstorm roll in. This weekend is probably when we’ll start working on the balcony garden, which should be lots of fun – I love the smell of freshly turned earth and really enjoy the promise of newly planted flowers and veggies. 

And I think that’s the word of today: promise. Whereas many days in the past month or two have seemed heavy, dull, and positively dripping with grief, today is – well, not up to my usual standard of chirpy happiness – but definitely buoyant. I’m enjoying it, and I’m not going to worry about the logistics of tomorrow right now, I’m just going to enjoy the possibility that something good might happen. 

And that seems like a pretty good idea at the moment. 😀 I’m just going to think about how April showers bring May flowers. (Although not about what Mayflowers bring, because we don’t need any more Pilgrims, thanks ever so.)


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