Good morning!

Well. I got sick of seeing that stupid kaleidoscope image thing whenever I posted a comment on my friends’ blogs – it reminds me of the auras I get when a migraine is starting – so I’ve finally set up my blog here and seem to be starting it. (scratching head) I say “seem to” because I have long experience with myself and am aware of my propensity to begin and end projects without warning. Still, as this Richard Armitage thing seems to be enduring beyond the three-month count, I might as well settle in and set up shop. :}

Not planning to post much more this morning, just wanted to get started. Let’s see if I continue… I blogged faithfully over at LiveJournal for several years until Facebook drew me off, so it could be a good proposition. Or I might just sit and look at pretty photos of Guy of Gisbourne all day long. Only time will tell.  Mwah!


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