Game of Thrones…

Well. I tried watching GoT first time ’round and it just didn’t hit me… but with all the furore for the third season, I thought I’d give it another try, so MrMe and I settled down in the basement on Sunday night and I girt my loins for what I remembered as an explosion of lots and lots of very hairy people, lots of mean blond people, lots of siblings having sex, and lots and lots and lots and lots of sexsexsexsexsex. Oh! And a centaur dude getting it on very angrily with a blond girl.

So on second watching, I guess it improved. The people are still hairy, still lots of sex, the centaur guy, oops! Not a centaur (!!! I really thought he was BWAHAA nope), and apparently not nearly as much incest (EW) as I thought. Well, hooray for small favors. Muscled my way on through the second episode. Guessed several future plot twists. Go, me! (snort Not sure if am simply That Good or if was actually told and just Kinda Remember)

Third episode, I’m actually starting to enjoy the plots. I might actually be able to catch onto this thing after all… we’ll see. I’m about halfway through the first season right now, and if I had to give it up to pick up teaching jobs, I could survive that and not tear my hair out over whether the kid walks or the older dude lives or the woman whatever. :} But it is a good series.

The bright side of my enforced couch sitting is that I’m finally getting a chance to do what I’ve always said I wanted to: sit and watch TV in the evenings like a normal person instead of being out working 5 evenings a week. I think I might actually let myself enjoy it, if I can get over feeling guilty.

We’ll see.

***UPDATE: As of April 19, am completely caught up on S1 &2 and the new episodes of S3. (cough) I think I figured out what the fuss was about. 😉


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