Richard Armitage reduces me to monosyllabic stuttering AGAIN. I looked at this image and all my brain said was “POW”. Quite clearly, a voice in my brain: “POW”. Which is an improvement over my normal, “buh buh buh” for RA. 😉 Originally a comment on Servetus’ blog (paraphrased):

“I clicked on the link and then and then and then omg and then… (HolyGrailNoise) that black-and-white-kick-in-the-solar-plexus…

I’m just sitting here. I’m sure the look on my face is comical. My eyebrows seem to be wandering around independently. Breath is still very much NOT autonomic or whatever it’s called. I’m having to actually *do* it. In with Gandhi, out with Genghis. Or however you spell it. Good god.”


Little Song I Wrote This Morning

… for a little girl with a hurt foot, and Tweeted to her Big, who was in the waiting room.

I’ll warn you, it’s terrible. But it involves photos of sea otters, so that helps. A bit. Just a bit. :} Here we go. 

An Otterly Terrible Footy Ditty
For A Little Person

By Mr. Otter

“I hope your foot feels better soon, I hope your foot improoooooooves…”



“‘Cause when you stub a toe, it seems / the world no longer mooooooves” (is he otter or cow?)



“So hope this silly ottersong to you will simply PROOOOOOOOOVE” (Ouch, the high note)



“That all the Otter Singers to you gladly send our loooove!!”



And then all the otters waved her goodbye. 




I love Twitter. How much fun is that? lololol OK. Today I’m off to a big Punjabi festival with my mad sister and, apparently, about 40 of her Punjabi friends. Dancing, live Bhangra music, and lots of great food. Bolle bolle!! Embarrassing photos on the way. Mwah!

The Very Disco-est of Pistols

The Very Disco-est of Pistols

“I’m your Boogie Man, I’m your Boogie Man
Turn Me On
I’m your Boogie Man, I’m your Boogie Man
Do What You Want”

I just thought I’d share my earworm this morning. At least it’s groovy. I do like groovy. Outta sight!! (disco pistols)

Driving down to Kalamazoo to see Mom and Dad today & celebrate our birthdays. Beautiful sunny day, should be fun. (disco pistols) 

In case you’re wondering what (disco pistols) are, the photo should help. Please try to use the (disco pistols) liberally today, both at work and home. If you can manage the one-eye wink and side-of-the-mouth clicking noise (as though encouraging a horse to, I don’t know what you call it, go forward in first gear), extra points.  Amuse your friends! Amaze your relatives! 


Jalalludin Rumi

Some words from Sufi poet Rumi to express my feelings today. I love the Sufi ideal of every breath as a prayer or a deliberate act of oneness with all that is… there are days I do better with that concept than others. Today is a pretty good day, lol.

(Note that these aren’t the complete poems, the whole poems are available in different places online and in collections. They’re truly beautiful. When he writes of a Beloved, as in the way of Sufi poets,he’s most likely speaking of the mystical union with God.)

Come, come, whoever you are.
Wanderer, worshipper, lover of leaving — it doesn’t matter,
Ours is not a caravan of despair.
Come, even if you have broken your vow a hundred times,
Come, come again, come.”

Be forgiven. Try again. Fail again, if you must, but then try again. Also:

Every object and being in the universe is
a jar overflowing with wisdom and beauty,
a drop of the Tigris that cannot be contained
by any skin.

Be yourself: be wise, be beautiful, be uncontainable. Overflow. Spill joyously. And finally:

Love said to me,
there is nothing that is not me.
Be silent.”

Ah, yes. Be silent. Silently be.

Stuff I Grok

SMOKINSHIELD: The collision of two of my favorite things!


Tolkien nut since forever (my first LotR books were the Ballantine 2nd editions, and I still have them, 2 sets  – also 2 copies of the Silmarillion, so um no, I didn’t date much in high school WHY DO YOU ASK?) Have way too much stuff to list. Just, I’m stopping myself before I can start. :}

Guy Gavriel Kay – his themes of redemption, nostalgia, and loss never fail to get me. Tigana, Song for Arbonne, Lions of Al-Rassan are my all-time faves.

I read a lot of Regency and Gothic romances. If you don’t fancy a man in skintight breeches and a cravat that covers *but cannot hide* a smouldering heart FULL OF PASSION &c &c, then, well… really? Because dude. That is hot.

Recently stumbled onto the work of Richard Armitage via North & South and am a bit gobsmacked by him. Am trying to think of how to describe the sensation and can only say it was like drinking a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster (having brains smashed out by lemon slice wrapped ’round large gold brick). I still don’t know what hit me. Fortunately, I don’t care. 😉

* Star Trek (all of ’em)
* Doctor Who (Tom Baker’s my fave but I’m suggestible)
*BSG (the new, but I did pretend our jungle gym was a battlestar when I was a kid and run around the backyard making “pewpewpew” noises.
*Game Of Thrones (just the shows, I’ve never read the books. I KNOW. I SUCK. I figure I muscled it through the entire steaming pile of crap that was the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever (all 8,000 of them), so you have to give me a pass on not having read a multi-volume series that was actually good. So there. pbfbfbfbfbfbt)
* STAR BLAZERS, the animated series from the 70s/80s. Aw yayuh. I can still sing the whole theme song (ok, kind of, if you don’t care if the words are right). — What’s that? We’re getting fired on? OH NO LET’S HAVE THE ONLY GIRL’S COSTUME RIP OFF. JUST OFF OF HER BOOBS, THOUGH. Snort. Still. It was awesome.
* Potter, of course. I’m going to admit right off the bat that I was a serious Snape shipper, so snark Snape stealthily. (smirk) Obviously, this has certain tie-ins to my feelings about Guy of Gisbourne. (Didn’t often ship Canon!Snape, though. I love a post-war, subtle, and emotionally recovered Snape who likes good wine and banters like a demon [shags like one too]) If you need exhibits, I will gladly send you to my favorite authors.
* Um. Oh crap. I know I’m missing something important. This list will definitely need updates.

Ta-da!! If you made it through that, you clearly have patience and an ability to untangle abstruse sentences. Well done, you!


Sitting in my big green overstuffed chair eating caramel corn and listening to an early Spring thunderstorm roll in. This weekend is probably when we’ll start working on the balcony garden, which should be lots of fun – I love the smell of freshly turned earth and really enjoy the promise of newly planted flowers and veggies. 

And I think that’s the word of today: promise. Whereas many days in the past month or two have seemed heavy, dull, and positively dripping with grief, today is – well, not up to my usual standard of chirpy happiness – but definitely buoyant. I’m enjoying it, and I’m not going to worry about the logistics of tomorrow right now, I’m just going to enjoy the possibility that something good might happen. 

And that seems like a pretty good idea at the moment. 😀 I’m just going to think about how April showers bring May flowers. (Although not about what Mayflowers bring, because we don’t need any more Pilgrims, thanks ever so.)

Less dramatic day!

Tuesday afternoon now, and definitely feeling less dramatic after a full, happy weekend and two days of restful contemplation. Have a slight sore throat, which is unsurprising, given that I’ve been traveling six out of the last seven weekends, but otherwise have lots of good things and interesting things to chew over.

I’m not going to list them right now as I don’t have time, but I will note an interesting item from this weekend’s bellydance event in Lansing. I roomed with one of my belly besties, the delightful C McSB, and we decided that:

1)  My radio name should be Shrimpy Chillblains, and

2) My drag name, in future, will be Pube Duvet.

So that’s that then. In other news from today, I went and sat on the front stoop, in a small rectangle of sun, and let her healing rays bake some of the melancholic doubt from my bones. YES. Can’t wait to start gardening.